Saturday, November 12, 2011

Creating music is truly a labor of love. Those fortunate to be blessed with some talent usually know how lucky they are because the place they go when they are musically engaged is filled with joy, peace, and positive energy.

Flatpick guitar is an especially rewarding niche in the musical world. One can play solo (in which case they are executing both lead and rhythm simultaneously) or with others, taking turns as rhythm backup and then lead when it reaches their turn.

Some of the finest musicians in the world have chosen this area of expertise, and work 7-8 hours per day for 20-30-40 years perfecting their technique and style. Even the best are not likely to become wealthy or terribly famous despite their enormous talent and investment of time and energy, yet they provide tremendous joy to their listeners. That, and the self-satisfaction of knowing their worth in the world of sound is payment enough.

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