Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doc Watson, Father of Modern Flatpick Guitar

The recent passing of Doc Watson at 89 years of age, due to a recent fall at his home in Deep Gap, North Carolina, is a heartbreaking loss for those of us who love Bluegrass, Folk, and Blues music.

Doc had a long and storied career, and was considered the Father of modern flatpick guitar among his many lifetime accomplishments.

Despite being blind from birth, he made a great life for himself, looked (there you go) at things with a great sense of humor, and was still vigorously performing until just a couple of years ago.

One of my favorite collections of Doc's tunes was a Rockabilly album, the cover of which displayed a picture of him sitting behind the wheel of a Cadillac.

He was also a great finger picking stylist as can be evidenced by this rendition of "Deep River Blues"... in his younger days.

Thanks for many happy moments Doc!

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